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It doesn't have to be so hard

to make it through the day.

Too many people live with stress and anxiety. We try to do too many tasks and please too many other people, losing ourselves along the way. Our home and businesses suffer. Our relationship with ourselves can suffer too.


The overwhelming busy-ness of modern life creates a state of confusion, resulting in wasted time, energy and money. 

But prioritizing tasks, making clear decisions and reconnecting with your passions and joys doesn't have to be hard to do.


Simple tools provide an easy way to gain clarity, improve the quality of your relationships and improve productivity.


Personalized guidance ensures a variety of skills and information to foster a sense of calm and focus.


Continued support allows for the opportunity to grow into a deeper, more authentic relationship with life.

Reconnect  with Clarity & Ease

Lisa Bishop



I believe we all deserve a life abundant in clarity and ease ... and all the other beautiful things we lose sight of along our way.


I love helping others learn how to find joy, enrichment and passion in their homes, in the workplace and inside themselves.

Let me know what I can do for you.


Spend some time with Lisa, let her guide you, she will not disappoint.


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Let Lisa know your questions, comments, and ideas for helping you discover and pursue your life of clarity, ease and joy.

Too many people struggle with confusion, frustration and stress in their daily lives. Are you ready to welcome passion and joy back into your day? Do you need support finding that path?


Whether through online content, small group workshops or personalized coaching, you and your organization can receive just the right amount of direction in the right ways for you. Inviting clarity and ease into your life can result in deeply effective communication and the confidence to live courageously authentic. Learn to step aside from the distractions of a busy world and focus on the most efficient and fulfilling paths to your own peace, freedom and power.

Drawing upon over 20 years experience in educational tutoring and workplace training, Lisa Bishop provides a variety of tools and information tailored for either personal development or group team building. She continues to share and adapt these in her workshops and retreats so her clients can more easily navigate through a process of healing and transformation. Lisa is proud to be a Certified Essence Facilitator and Certified Joy-Based Retreat Leader. She also gratefully offers guidance and relaxation as a Reiki Master Teacher and intuitive energy healer.

Simple tools, customized service and access to a supportive community. Because you deserve to reconnect with your joyful self.

"The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be."

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