Private Sessions

This 4 step program provides simple and effective ways for you and your group to cut through the clutter and confusion of a busy life. Prioritize and energize your decisions, actions and feelings to reconnect with what matters most.

The full program is offered in a retreat format. Individual courses are especially effective when taken in the S-E-L-F order, but it's not necessary. Choose the one that works best for you right now. And all topics are readily modified to apply for your specific and practical group needs.

Reiki Energy for Personal Healing

Through this intuitive energy healing session, we will work together to release negative influences and attachments.  It is ideal for general relaxation, easing physical pain, calming emotional stress and dealing with trauma, grief and life changes.


One-on-one sessions offer individualized and focused guidance for personal transformation and professional growth. Practical skills and intuitive advice provide a fast approach to creating your new path.

Reiki Energy for Spaces & Pets

Support your personal journey by clearing and balancing the spaces, objects and situations in your home or workplace. Welcome and celebrate the beginning of new stages with blessings of peace and joy. Or comfort and heal your pet through a gentle meditative process.  Reiki and empathic energy work can benefit all aspects of your life.

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