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"The connections we make in the course of a life -- maybe that's what heaven is."

- Fred Rogers

I am so grateful to welcome you and to have the opportunity to share Reiki with you -- to connect you with a higher energy that can help you on your journey -- to provide a safe space for cleansing and supportive energy work -- to provide encouragement for achieving your balance.


I am a Master Reiki Teacher and Intuitive Guide, and my mission is to provide a peaceful, nurturing experience for all who visit me.  I am also a woman who laughs and cries and stomps and hugs and enjoys alone time and looks forward to hanging out with friends. My days are shared with my amazing husband of 25+ years in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  I am happy when meditating, exploring the beauty of nature, writing, and listening to exceptional music. My joy comes in gathering knowledge and experience with others and imagining the possibilities beyond what is knowable.


Energy work supported me through a time of great change and healing, and I have witnessed it benefit others in so many significant ways. For too many years I was busy raising my boys, working in Accounting and Human Resources and wondering why I felt so angry all the time. I believed I had no control over my life, and I felt unheard, alone.


Experiencing Reiki for the past seven years has given me a path to peace.  It has opened my eyes to the beauty of my life. And it has allowed my heart to open.  I have released anger, uncertainty, and pain - making the necessary space for the light and love, abundantly available at all times, to flood my mind, body and soul.  I learned that I deserve this light and love, this beautiful peace, to be a sustaining presence in my life.


And I know that you also deserve to set aside the negative energies and influences that you might carry inside you now.  You deserve peace and beauty and joy. You deserve to love yourself and the life you lead.


Please explore the ideas I share with you here and let me know how I can best support you at this time.


What People Think

I had never experienced Reiki prior to my first session with Lisa.  I did not know anything about Reiki and therefore had no expectations.  I am not the type of person who opens up about the emotional or physical pain I might be feeling and so went into it a bit anxious.  Lisa was very gentle and kind and I quickly became comfortable with the whole process.  Immediately after that first session Lisa shared what energies she felt coming from me and without our ever talking about it beforehand she was right on!  I'm not sure how or why, but Lisa was able to release some of the pent up fears I was experiencing in my life at that time.

I've since had several other sessions with Lisa and each one is uniquely different.  She has a true gift for being able to focus on the areas in most need at any particular time and to make that true mind-body connection.  I always come away with a sense of relaxation and a feeling of empowerment and well-being.

So grateful for Reiki and Lisa Bishop!



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