Upcoming One-Day Workshop in Olympia Wa

Harbor House at Percival Landing

March 15th 9:30 - 3:30

Filling an Empty Nest

Discovering Your Next Self

Are changes on your horizon? Even good change can feel overwhelming and stressful without clarity, joy and support. Join us for a day of fun connection and powerful transformation while learning simple and profound tools for discovering your authentic next self.

This program combines the best of The Magic of Essence course with the forward-moving Filling Up techniques. We will listen, share, learn, dream, practice and recharge while enjoying the inspiring bay view.

Registration: $90

Reconnect  with SELF

This 4 step program provides simple and effective ways for you and your group to cut through the clutter and confusion of a busy life. Prioritize and energize your decisions, actions and feelings to reconnect with what matters most.

The full program is offered in a retreat format. Individual courses are especially effective when taken in the S-E-L-F order, but it's not necessary. Choose the one that works best for you right now. And all topics are readily modified to apply for your specific and practical group needs.


Sacred spaces

Clear the physical, mental and emotional clutter holding you back from a day abundant in peace and joy. This 1/2 day class helps you simplify all areas of your life and open up to the possibilities of growth and transformation.


Perfect for people going through changes or feeling stuck and hoping for change.


everyday essence

Based upon The Magic of Essence  coursework developed by Laura Lavigne with The Center for Happiness, this full day class provides simple and profound tools for welcoming joy and fulfillment into your everyday life. It's so simple and practical that you will feel a shift even before the class ends. Learning how to live more authentically through Essence will enhance your creativity, power, and peace.  

Ideal for people hoping for clarity, focus and passion.

Email for info on an online version of this course.


living out loud

Explore your limitless possibilities in this 1/2 day course celebrating all things creative and intuitive.  Practice confidence and courage while recognizing your unique gifts and how to best share them with the world.

Especially beneficial for those wanting more fun and freedom in their lives.


filling up

Feeling relaxed, achieving enlightenment and embracing transformation are all good. Now how do you translate this positive energy into action? Ditch the overwhelming New Year's resolutions and ever-increasing to-do lists. Focus on the activities that turn your life into a daily celebration.

This 1/2 day course draws upon the lessons of the first three steps for those ready to move into a fulfilling life.

Ease & Flow in the Workplace

The foundation of professional growth and development begins with personal transformation and strengthening the team dynamic.

Ask about scheduling and pricing for your group.

Healing the Energy Body

Be your own healer through Reiki, meditation and other energy body work. Cleanse, balance and ground your energy flow and the energy of your spaces.

Ask about scheduling and pricing.

reiki-level one

Through the Usui/Tibetan tradition, you will learn a variety of techniques that can decrease anxiety and enhance your inner peace. Reiki has also helped many amplify the body's natural ability to heal itself and raise confidence and gain trust & clarity on their life's path.


Share the power of Reiki healing with others also.

Anyone can learn Reiki, and everyone can benefit.

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